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Paramount, the indisputable industry leader, is compatible with virtually all major servers, both tower-style and rack-mount equipment. It can safely store 2,200 lbs. of equipment and provides user-friendly cable management within the cabinet, cabinet-to-cabinet, and raised via floor or overhead access.

  • Multi-vendor server compatibility
  • Integrated cable management
  • 40, 44 or 51U rack space
  • Three widths – 24″, 30″ and 48″
  • Computer grade ventilation
  • Split rear doors (perforated or fan)
  • 2,200 lb. static load
  • Standard to advanced security options
  • Segmented bays for co-location applications
  • Tool-less adjustable rack-mount rails
  • Field-reversible doors
  • NuGrey, Black, Two-tone, or Custom Colors
  • Custom configurations
  • Lifetime warranty

Tower of Cool

The Tower of Cool, the recent recipient of the ADEX Design ‘Platinum’ Award, is an innovative computer cabinet design utilizing High Delta Temperature Cooling (HDTC). Unlike traditional approaches, the Tower of Cool efficiently cools 8kW of equipment within 44U, by incorporating the building air conditioning system and the computer cabinets into one closed-loop cooling system.

  • The only 10kW air-cooled solution in the market
  • Up to 14% cooling plant energy savings
  • Up to 50% reduction in number of CRACUs required
  • Reduced cooling plant size (chillers, pumps, piping, etc.)
  • Reduced emergency power requirement for cooling plant
  • Reduced maintenance hours
  • Integrated Zero U Power Management saves space (120V – 220V)
  • Smart Power and Environmental Monitoring offer highest integrity
  • Above floor cable management increases installation flexibility
  • Patented cooling technology

In-Row Power

Many In-Row PE configurations are available. Discuss your requirements with a local sales representative.

Features & Benefits:
  • Freestanding enclosure allows quick deployment
  • 80 kW redundant feeds in one enclosure footprint
  • Provides additional branch circuits to the data center
  • Branch circuit monitoring
  • Decrease deployment time with overhead cable management of power whips between the In-Row PE and the rack power strips.
High Availability
  • Dual 225A inputs satisfy system redundancy and maintenance requirements
  • Pre-engineered and factory tested to reduce start-up and field failures
  • Alarm notification via SNMP or Modbus for user defined power thresholds
Data Center Grade Performance
  • Branch circuit monitoring via SNMP or Modbus
  • Oversized neutral for non-linear loads
  • Single point equipment ground
  • UL 60950 listed power enclosure and power whips

Vantage VS2

Equipment cooling remains a key concern for data center managers. Wright Line’s Vantage S2 meets all third-party rack requirements for open perforation on doors. When heat loads increase, the Vantage S2 system will continue to meet your requirements with the addition of rear door fans to exhaust higher loads. As cable densities increase, proper cable management is important to allow adequate hot air exhaust from hardware. Wright Line offers over 57 square inches of cable and power entry space on our top panels with eight separate three-inch diameter holes. This system can accommodate over 800 CAT5e or CAT6 cables.

The enclosure base provides an additional 510 square inches of open area for cabling through a raised floor. And, Vantage S2 has a unique integrated rear channel that accommodates almost any vertical power strip or cable management accessory.

  • Equipment mounting height of 25U, 42U and 45U for EIA-310-D 19″ equipment
  • Overall height of (42U) 79.6″ (with optional casters) allows adequate clearance through a seven-foot doorway
  • Maximizes data center real estate with a 24″ width
  • A 39″ or 42″ depth (including front and rear doors) accommodates today’s deep servers with cable management arms
  • Vantage S2’s static load rating (weight capacity when stationary) is a generous 2000 lbs., accommodating even the most densely configured equipment
  • The dynamic load rating (weight capacity while rolling on casters) is also 2000 lbs., permitting fully configured enclosures to roll from staging area to final installation site
  • Doors exceed major server manufacturers recommended perforation pattern for proper airflow
  • Full width front door is attached using quick-release hinges and is easily reversed in the field
  • Ships fully assembled and carries a limited lifetime warranty

4 Post Rack

IS662628, NEMA 4, Blue, 25″ Window
IS662628 PC/Server & Display Stand-up Enclosure with Keyboard Drawer
ID32, NEMA 12, Blue, 21″ Window
ID32 Desktop Enclosure Desktop PC/Monitor Enclosure with Keyboard Drawer

  • Open design provides unrestricted airflow and access to equipment
  • Optional baying kit creates a 24″ footprint for alignment on raised
Floor tiles
  • Stabilizer plate can mount to the inside or outside of the rack
  • Labeled U-spaces allow for easy deployment of equipment
  • Compatibility with Overhead Cable Management System allows cables to run overhead, preventing air dams under raised floors or the need for expensive ladder systems

Stand Up

IS662628, NEMA 4, Blue, 25″ Window
IS662628 PC/Server & Display Stand-up Enclosure with Keyboard Drawer

Features & Benefits:
  • Lockable front and rear doors allow easy access while maintaining equipment security
  • Tempered glass or Lexan 25″ viewable window
  • Three adjustable, ventilated shelves absorb shock and give maximum flexibility when positioning equipment
  • Four Industrial-grade casters (front two locking) or optional bolt-down legs add 4.7″ to the overall height
  • Dual-level roll out keyboard enclosure is ergonomically correct to increase operator comfort and efficiency
  • 12-gauge CRS (NEMA 4) or 304 stainless steel (NEMA 4X) construction
  • Accommodates up to a 21″ monitor, computer, and peripherals
  • Enclosure ships completely assembled and ready to use
  • Dimensions: 66″H x 26″W x 28″D
  • Shipping Weight: 525 lbs


IS662628, NEMA 4, Blue, 25″ Window
IS662628 PC/Server & Display Stand-up Enclosure with Keyboard Drawer
ID32, NEMA 12, Blue, 21″ Window
ID32 Desktop Enclosure Desktop PC/Monitor Enclosure with Keyboard Drawer

Features & Benefits:
  • Lockable front and rear doors allow easy access while maintaining equipment security
  • Rear split panel permits quick cable access and management
  • Recessed window helps to reduce glare for better viewing
  • Adjustable, ventilated shelf gives maximum flexibility when positioning equipment
  • Hold-down bracket prevents toppling
  • Cutouts permit easy use of field-upgradeable options
  • Keyboard/mouse connector plug is mounted inside to maintain NEMA rating
  • Designed to accommodate a desktop style computer and up to a 21″ display
  • Enclosure ships completely assembled and ready to use
  • Dimensions: 32″H x 28″W x 26″D
  • Shipping Weight: 275 lbs

Rackmount Enclosure

Model – IR72192438-12-B
IR7219 19″ Rackmount Enclosure

Features & Benefits:
  • 19″ NEMA Type 12 Rack Mount Enclosure
  • 24″ Wide x 38″ Deep x 72″ Tall
  • Enclosures may be interconnected
  • 12 Ga Steel Frame and Doors
  • 16 Ga Side Panels
  • 38u (66.5″) of rack mounting height
  • Partial View Glass Front Door
  • Doors have Key Locking 3-Point Latches
  • Door Openings 19.5″ W x 66.5″ H
  • Removable Side Panels
  • Cable Entry Panels Top and Bottom (4 Places)
  • Caster Mounted Standard, Fixed Legs Optional
  • Lift Eyes mounted on top of enclosure
  • Dimensions: 72″H x 24″W x 38″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 70″H x 19.5″W x 33.8″D
  • Shipping Weight: 450 lbs

Data Center Cages

Provide the ultimate level of security for your valuable information systems with Wright Line’s Cages. The Cage system is the perfect solution for data center environments requiring subdivision or a higher level of security.

Built to the durable standards of our enclosure systems, the rugged steel construction ensures structural integrity. And, our unique uni-body design with 3/8″ perforations is large enough to provide ample ventilation while maintaining a secure structure.

Standard heights include eight, nine and ten foot options. Linear widths and depths are available in one foot increments. Standard doors are sliding with a mechanical keylock. Additional locking options can be specified, catering to all levels of security requirements.


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