Technical Environments

We design and provide complete solutions for data centre environments including enclosures, racks, power distribution, thermal management, cable management, blanking panels and floor grommets. Pathfinder Systems Design has products for all technical environments requiring consoles, bench systems, LAN management systems, intelligent power, media cabinets, and tech carts.

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CFD Modeling

Computational fluid dynamics modeling is a powerful software-based process used to predict airflow patterns in the data centre.
It provides the reassurance that your cooling solution will deliver the ROI you expect. It also allows you to understand how it will behave under any number of different scenarios, including future expansions.

Data Centre Layout and Design

In conjunction with Eaton’s experience and knowledge, we can provide full Data Centre solutions. We have the largest variety of airflow and containment solutions in the marketplace today. Proper planning and design will reduce your overall investment, reduce risk, and increase DC efficiencies.

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