File Room Outsourcing

ARC – Active Records Centres – Increase business value and capabilities. Reduce your costs. Free up your resources. Reduce your exposure to risk. Increase efficiencies and increase value from your records management system. These are the benefits you will realize by outsourcing your records management function to TAB.With Pathfinder/TAB taking care of your records management function you will get expert people, proven methodologies, products and technologies. We start by identifying inefficiencies in your records management system, designing corrective action plans, and implementing solutions. When you outsource to TAB, we focus on your records so that you can free up resources and focus on your core business.

Reduce your costs

Maintaining your records is probably costing you more than it should. Pathfinder/TAB will help you reduce your organization’s total cost of ownership by:

  • Organizing the information you need to run your business and reducing your system costs (such as space, labour and off-site storage).
  • Integrating our records management services within your organization’s day-to-day functions, so your staff realize increased productivity as they access the information they need quickly and easily.
  • Reducing on-site space and off-site storage requirements, when we redesign your file rooms to maximize space utilization and accessibility.

Overall, outsourcing your records management to Pathfinder/TAB allows you to better manage cash flow and free up investment dollars for your core activities.

Reduce your risk

Pathfinder/TAB’s industry-leading systems and processes will minimize your exposure to litigation and ensure that your vital records are protected and accessible. With Pathfinder/TAB you are assured of a program that considers your regulatory and legislative requirements, as well as your organization’s specific operational requirements. With Pathfinder/TAB managing your records you will be able to demonstrate due diligence and ensure legal compliance.Increase your efficiency The ability to retrieve the information you need when you need it improves operations and increases employee productivity, providing your organization with a significant competitive advantage.Pathfinder/TAB systems and practices will help you realize major efficiencies in time, space and accessibility – while improving overall quality.Partner for the futureAs your records management partner, we will work to uncover value by eliminating redundancy, improving resource utilization and enhancing overall quality.


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