Document Scanning

Want the benefits of imaging without the pitfalls? We can help.

Organizations everywhere are imaging. Some do it to realize the tremendous efficiencies and benefits, while others are imaging because it has become the required industry standard. Whatever the reason, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations successfully image their file collections.

Why Did They Choose Pathfinder?

They choose Pathfinder on the strength of our knowledge workers, our technology, equipment and facilities, and our significant experience with the file imaging process.

The fact is that imaging is one of the more challenging and complex records management solutions out there. From managing technology and cost concerns to ensuring accessibility and capturing metadata, imaging projects are loaded with challenges that can overwhelm those without deep experience in the process.

Learn more about how we can help you:

  • Determine if imaging is right for your organization
  • Ensure your existing records management program is ready for imaging
  • Choose between file imaging onsite or offsite
  • Plan and prepare for your document conversion
  • Scan and capture documents
  • Develop a full document imaging and electronic records program.

How it Works

Our trained staff of imaging professionals can help with every step, ensuring that you are scanning and converting only the paper files you need.
They will analyze your current environment, recommend changes and improvements as well as provide the planning, tools, staffing and management to implement the recommendations.


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