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Datafile cabinets are designed to maximize filing capacity, often eliminating the need for multiple cabinets. Their convenient lateral fixed shelf design replaces vertical rollout drawers, reducing the aisle space required.

Access & secure information easily

With Datafile cabinets you identify your folders on the side to speed up filing and retrieval times. The fixed shelf design eliminates the risk of tipping associated with rolling drawer cabinets. When coupled with doors and gang locks, your information is securely stored. Organize for efficiency Datafile cabinets can accommodate both letter and legal size folders. They are also available with extra large multi-media size shelves so you can store files, binders and other media in one area, to reduce filing and retrieval times.

  • Reduced storage space
  • Maximized efficiency of your filing areas
  • Controlled access to your most important files
  • Reduced long-term cost of storage

Filing Companions

Pathfinder/Wright Line introduces Filing Companions – a complete line of storage and filing options to complement our specialized multimedia cabinets. An extention of our mobile pedestal offering, these three new liens provide affordable storage solutions for conventional and personal filing needs. Filing Companions are pre-configured and easy to order. All models come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Optimedia Storage

Optimedia Storage Cabinets provide custom storage solutions which save space and help increase productivity by optimizing access to critical media, materials, and supplies. You can select from eight heights, four types of locking doors, and more than 100 internal components designed to meet your exact requirements.

They can be custom configured to match your exact storage needs. Components are available to match any multi-media storage requirement including CDs, disks, backup tapes and software manuals.

  • DLT’s, 1/4″ Data Cartridges, and CD’s
  • 4mm and 8mm Tapes
  • Jaz, Zip, and 3.5″ Optical Disks
  • Documentation and Hanging Files
  • Multimedia Storage Solutions
  • Binders and Reference Materials
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Electrical Components and Parts Bins, Kitting Trays and Totes and many more…
Typical Configurations:
  • Folder Cabinet – high density filing
  • LAN Support – network media and supply
  • Binder Cabinet – extra deep
  • Filing Cabinet – standard drop files and rollout shelving
  • Mixed Filing – options for CDs, binders and more
  • Multi Door/Drawer Cabinet – combination fixed and rollout drawers
  • Undersurface Cabinet – small drawers and bottom file drawer

Rollok Rolling Doors

Rollok doors make any existing file storage unit or structure completely secure and compliant. Rollok doors can be placed in front of lateral filing systems, custom built shelving units, even as a door to close off an entire file room. Whatever your file storage situation, Rollok doors allow you to secure it without the cost of buying new furniture or removing and replacing existing files.

  • Rolls down and secures files
  • Locks with a single key
  • Affixes to new or existing shelving
  • No need to relocate existing charts
  • Spans multiple sections with one door
  • No loss of filing inches
  • Extenders allow for protruding folders
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Spring-assisted for effortless operation
  • Motorized doors available with remote
  • Easy installation with clip attachments
  • No drilling necessary with clips


TAB’s Twinfile- rotating cabinets are designed with a turning shelf mechanism much like a “lazy-susan”. They provide instant access to all contents from both sides of the unit, and can be closed for a secure, clean look. They are the ideal solution for office environments that want maximum flexibility in limited space.

Twinfile is available in a variety of configurations to meet your particular filing needs. Units can be configured to accommodate standard colour-coded folder filing, secure storage in locking drawers, small media filing in three inch drawers, filing in full-shelf rollouts, unit boxes and even wardrobe storage capability.

Twinfile Features:
  • Rotating inner unit allows access to all cabinet contents from two sides
  • Front and back accessibility
  • Available in six heights and multiple interior configurations
  • Flexible configuration – Accommodates standard colour-coded filing, secure lockable storage, and small media filing


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