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TechBench™ and TechOrganizer™

Wright Line’s workbench systems for manufacturing environments provide heavy-duty support of equipment above and below the benchtop … offering more effective use of the individual workspace as well as your facility’s square footage by providing:

  • Organized equipment and tools for more efficient employee access
  • Maximized vertical space and corners utilizing traditionally wasted space and optimizing space within the facility
  • Integrated cable management, eliminating workspace clutter

By making your environment more productive, employees become more productive. With better access to tools and equipment, businesses will benefit from:

  • Reduction of operator fatigue
  • Increased production and reduced cycle time

LINX furniture

  • One furniture line really can do it all! LINX modular furniture is different from conventional office lines. It is not a panel-based system, but a freestanding technical desking platform. This kind of construction gives you and your facility planners the ultimate flexibility in creating a space efficient office layout.
  • Linx and Tech organizers combine to create a very flexible and efficient area for working in and for storing media

LCD Lift

The world’s most innovative monitor accommodation for LCD flat panel technology is now available for the LINX line of modular worksurfaces. Wright Line’s patented LCD Lift is ideal for computer labs, education and training environments, lobby and reception areas or your personal workstation. LCD Lift is revolutionary in design, simplicity and security. Your LCD flat panel recedes into the desk to completely transform your workstation into a multi-purpose platform, while providing security and safety for your enclosed monitor. The LCD Lift’s patented technology relies on space-efficient “constant force” spring mechanisms that completely integrate most 15″ to 19″ LCD flat panel displays (VESA compatible screen mounts). To access the monitor, simply push a button and your screen will instantly lift without generating noise. LCD Lift technology can be specified for most LINX worksurface models to address a wide variety of applications:

  • LCD Lift technology is ideal for training environments.
  • The integration feature transforms a computer station into a “regular” desk suitable for multi-purpose applications.
  • Ideal for managerial workstations, this state-of-the-art monitor kit permits a user to interface comfortably with guests.
  • The LCD Lift can be specified for corner workstations, making this technology available for your personal workstation.
  • Your LCD monitor is properly positioned to optimize proper focal distances and can be complemented by an optional keyboard platform accessory.

Multi-level Technical Furniture

LMS technical furnitureAdvancing technology presents increasing demands on the support structures used to secure equipment and hardware. Totally modular, LMS™ is easily reconfigured, so as your hardware requirements change, so can your LMS™ unit.

  • Full frames support multiple width components
  • Available in 9 widths & 4 heights
  • Reverse I-beam construction
  • Constructed with 12 gauge steel
  • Superior leveling capability
  • Components are reconfigured in 1″ increments
  • Unique trapezoid shaped hooking mechanism
  • Oversized vertical cable management
  • Unsurpassed rigidity (black tubular stabilizers)
  • Double-strength welded frame
  • Structural uprights
  • Trapezoid hook pattern
  • Subdivided frame with over 1,000 components
  • Threaded inserts
  • Electrical isolation and ESD control
  • Integrated cable management
  • Quality detail and finish
  • ANSI/BIFMA certified performance
  • Lifetime warranty

Tech Carts

Peripheral Cart

Supports laser printers, scanners, workstation servers, fax machines and small copiers.


Maximizes the use of vertical space to transport technical hardware including monitors, peripherals, printers and common office

PC Cart

Provides ergonomic accommodation for personal computers, printers, peripherals. See Catalogue Catalogue – Tech Carts

Work Spaces SA

We are pleased to announce our acceptance for the Work Spaces supply arrangement E60PQ-140003/42/PQ!

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Region: National Capital Region

Pathfinder Systems Design
Business Location: 193 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 6W4
Contact Information: Russ Ferrier, 613.725.3555 x 233,

Region: Pacific

TAB Vancouver
Business Location: 900 West 8th Ave., #1000, Vancouver BC V5Z 1E5
Contact Information: Darren Moore, 888.892.0225,

Region: Western

TAB Calgary
Business Location: 4303-16th St. NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 7K2
Contact Information: Darren Moore, 888.892.0225,

Region: Ontario

TAB Toronto
Business Location: 130 Sparks Ave., Willowdale, ON M2H 2S4
Contact Information: Russ Ferrier, 613.725.3555 x 233,

Region: Quebec

TAB Montreal
Business Location: 6363 Trans Canada Hwy, Suite 236, Montreal, QC H4T 1Z9
Contact Information: Nicolas Hripko, 800.361.6390 x 235,

Region: Atlantic

Maritime Filing
Business Location: 28 Swanton Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3W 2C4
Contact Information: Jim Sweeney, 888.846.4442,

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