Technical Environments

Most frequent questions and answers
Technical environments encompass Data Centre areas, labs, assembly and testing areas. It also applies to any area that has a function beyond normal standard office furniture.

We have numerous bench options depending on the environment and requirement within your area. The tech bench fixed line has a 1,000 pound capacity. Other benches that are electrically height adjustable will have lower weight limits. See Technical Furniture – TechBench™ »

There are many factors to consider when looking at a rack or enclosure for your environment. The main considerations include the following: power needs, internal rack space requirements, cooling or airflow requirements, floor space availability, and security needs. See Technical Environments – Enclosures »

As soon as possible! By engaging your dedicated Pathfinder representative from day one of your project we can ensure that your project is on time and on budget with our proven expertise.

As a pre-sales initiative PSD offers free 3D designs using SketchUp and/or CAD to give you a preview of what your project will look like completed before a dollar is spent. Think of us as a project manager dedicated to the success of your project!

We can review your situation and make recommendations accordingly. The issue may be layout related or rack related. There are many factors to review when accessing airflow and cooling concerns in a DC. We provide this service. See Technical Environments – Airflow Management »

Yes, with the Optimedia cabinets we can configure a cabinet specifically to your media needs! Files, binders, tapes, CD’s and other media types can be stored in the same cabinet by using different interior components. See Document Management – Cabinets – Optimedia® Storage »

The LMS units can accommodate 2,000 pounds per frame, and the weight capacity of the components varies, depending on the actual component. Accordingly, a work surface component will handle more weight than a telephone shelf. See Technical Environments – Technical Furniture – Multi-Level Technical Furniture »

We offer different styles of cages, and the uppermost style is finished and designed to be used in office or data centre environments. See Technical Environments – Enclosures – Data Centre Cages »

We have specialized task lighting that is work surface mounted, or you can use under-shelf lighting, or even overhead components for lighting – lots of options!

We can provide a range of options for work surfaces – from standard laminates, steel surfaces, hardwood, to dent, stain and chemical resistant work surfaces for specialized environments.

We have integrated power raceways and data raceways that can incorporated into the same station. You can run a variety of data components (RJ, CAT, etc) See Technical Environments – Technical Furniture – Multi-Level Technical Furniture »

Yes we have various means of creating ESD (electrostatic dissipative or anti-static) environments. There are ESD paints available, ESD chairs, ESD mats and wrist straps, and ESD grounding kits for both work stations and cabinets.

There are many ways of doing this, ranging from work surface mounted, grommet mounted, slat wall or system frame mounted. You can mount a single monitor on an arm, or have several on the same arm. Arms can tilt, swivel and adjust in most directions to provide you with the most efficient viewing location.