Shelving & Mobile Relocations

We are relocating our offices. How can we ensure access to our files during the process?

Whether you’re moving your files across the hall, or across the country, a file move can be a sensitive matter. You could trust the job to your moving company, however, you quickly realize how important your documents are when you can’t find them. So why trust moving companies or some other untrained personnel to move, consolidate or convert your files? Turn the job over to a specialist.

Turn to Pathfinder/TAB

Pathfinder/TAB understands records management and the importance of your files. We can complete your file move quickly and keep your documents accessible to you throughout the process. We will assure proper transport in a timely manner, while maintaining the security of your documents. Pathfinder/TAB will have your filing system up and running faster than you thought possible. Using Pathfinder/TAB for your next file move means you get a team that is trained to ensure the integrity of your filing system.

Merge, convert files for increased efficiency

Pathfinder/TAB can help you transform your current document storage system into a highly efficient, secure system during your facility relocation. We provide the people, methods and products to streamline your existing filing practices, so you can achieve efficiencies in time, space and cost.

We can show you how multiple file organization methods can be consolidated into a single, centralized system that eliminates duplication and confusion. Pathfinder/TAB can also facilitate a switch from one storage type to another – such as drawer file cabinets to lateral filing. And we’re well equipped to guide you through the challenging process of folder conversion – top-tab to colour-coded side-tab, for example. Throughout the consolidation or conversion, we’ll take care of all sorting, validation, and filing of your documents into the new system. That means peace of mind.

Manage your risk

Pathfinder/TAB can help you get the most from your filing system and ensure that the document you need is there when you need it. Reduce the risk associated with file moves. Trust Pathfinder/TAB to move, consolidate or convert your files quickly, and with minimal disruption to your business.


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