Records Management

Storing records on-site is costing us a fortune! How can we reduce the records we retain and still ensure compliance? Also, is there a better way to store our records on-site?

The volume of records companies retain is growing at an astonishing rate. The best way to ensure you are only retaining what files are necessary is through the development of a retention schedule. A properly outlined and legally compliant retention schedule helps you minimize your storage and handling costs by reducing the volume of paper and electronic records you need to store. Your employees are more productive because there are fewer records to manage and access.

Retention & compliance

The process starts with the development of a proper classification scheme to ensure that your records are compliant with industry and legislative regulations. From there we will help you develop a retention strategy and schedule that will identify the records that need to be kept, how they should be stored, and when you can legally dispose of them. A proper records retention strategy will help to demonstrate corporate due diligence, lower compliance risks and your exposure to litigation.

Optimize space utilization

By making better use of your existing space with Pathfinder/TAB products, you can decrease your storage costs. Using the proper file storage products in your office speeds filing and retrieval by improving access to your information. An end-tab colour-coded filing system offers you maximum storage density and improved accessibility versus traditional lateral roll-out drawer filing. Space utilization is improved by narrowing or eliminating aisles and using the height available to you. Physical access is improved by making your records visible at a glance.

Final disposition

Pathfinder/TAB can help you at each stage of a record’s lifecycle. As records reach the end of their lifecycle, the policies and procedures we have implemented up for your organization clearly outline the responsibilities and activities for their final disposition. The retention schedule, based on your specific compliance requirements, will outline what files can be disposed of safely, minimizing your risk and ensure that you do not pay for unnecessary storage.


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