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Colour Coded

Using a colour-coded filing method can reduce your retrieval time by 40%. Pioneered by TAB, colour-coded filing forms an identifiable pattern that gets you to your information faster. Misfiles break the pattern, allowing for easy identification and immediate correction.

If you prefer to label files yourself, Pathfinder/TAB offers a full range of self-adhesive colour labels and TABQUIK file labeling software including:

  • alphabetic
  • numeric
  • month
  • year
  • designation
  • identification

Labeling and Records Management Software

TABQUIK is an easy to use Microsoft Windows based software package that lets you produce personalized colour coded file labels right from your computer-on demand.

TABQUIK empowers you to customize labels by:
  • Colour matching letters or numbers to any popular labeling system
  • Printing any text (names, addresses or account numbers) on both sides of the label for quick identification
  • Using highlights to emphasize important text
  • Printing colour bands or year codes to quickly identify specific types of files
  • Automatically generating barcodes for file tracking (useful when used in combination with TAB’s FileTracker program)


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